GlowCain® Moonglow 1oz

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Moon glow . Is a custom-made and trademarked glow powder that changes glow color . It starts off as white and transforms into blue, orange and teal and colors in-between. This is a encapsulated glow powder that is designed for cosmetic(not facial use) , craft and industrial use. It’s transparent to invisible in most mixed mediums. And charges in natural sunlight or under UV lights. UV inhibited epoxy are not recommended because it need light to glow. However it can be used in UV cured epoxy. Little bit goes along way. The most u use the more the glow but it will tend to fog clear mediums if to much is used. Not recommended for top / finished coats.

Limited Edition – Version 5

White – Blue – Orange changing glow

This product was remade to the best ability, however may vary from the original GlowCain® Moonglow

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Weight 1 oz
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