1 – 4 Gallon Pumps

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If you ordered a 64 Ounce Kit, you need to order 64 Ounce Kit Pumps. THESE DO NOT WORK WITH 1 GALLON KITS, 2 GALLON KITS, OR 4 GALLON KITS. THEY ARE DIFFERENT THREAD SIZES. If you ordered a 1, 2, or 4 Gallon Kit, you need to order Gallon Kit Pumps. All Dispensing Pumps are sold in pairs (one for Resin and one for Hardener). All pumps are manufactured with oil on the spring to ensure it does not rust. If you find that this oil is causing cloudiness when pumping resin we recommend pumping some isopropyl alcohol through it to help remove the oil. Dispensing Pumps Dip Tube need to be trimmed to fit as they are made for multiple bottle sizes. This will not effect the amount of product dispensed per stroke. 64 Ounce Kit Pumps = 4ml per stroke Gallon Kit Pumps = 15ml per stroke (New style due to availability issues) Questions about ordering? Email supp[email protected] and we will happily help you find what you need.


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