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Glowcain Series Products

GlowCain® Our Custom One of a kind glow products. So named due to the product getting held up in customs because it has the ” Appearance ” of a particular elicit substance.

GlowCain® is NOT a cosmetic safe product. NOT FOR COSMETIC USE!

Glow Bugs 1oz


GlowCain® Moonglow 1oz


GlowCain® MultiGlow 1oz


GlowCain® Promiscuous Pink/Purple 1oz


GlowCain® Raging Red/Orange 0.5oz


GlowCain® White 2oz


GlowCain® Yo Yellow 0.5oz


MFP Pigment Paste – Glow Blanco


Nikki’s Secret Sauce – Chasing Fireflies 1.5oz


Bulkhead 1.5oz


Predaking 1.5oz


Ratchet 1.5oz


GlowCain® Aqua Glow Crank 1oz


GlowCain® Blasé blue 1oz


GlowCain® Blue 1.0oz


GlowCain® Crank Escobars End 2oz


GlowCain® Crank Gotcha Guzman 2oz


GlowCain® Crazy Coral 1oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Blue 1oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Intense Purple 1oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Magenta 1oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Orange 1oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Pastel Pink to Pink White Green 2oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Pastel Purple Deep Blue 2oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Red/Orange 1oz


GlowCain® Glow Glitter Teal 1oz


GlowCain® Greedy Green 1oz


GlowCain® Green 2.0oz


GlowCain® Green Crank 2oz


GlowCain® Hot Mama


GlowCain® Intense Purple 1oz


GlowCain® Magenta 1oz